The 'building a business' scrapbook.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003  

ElectricNews.net:News:Flat-rate prices set by ComReg. At long bloody last! It looks like I'll finally be able to do some real bloggin come summer time. With the ability to leave my PC connected to the internet all the time I could avail of the post to blog via email utilities which are available for each of the main blogging platforms now. That means I could blog from the MMS capable phone I intend to purchase shortly, probably the Nokia 3650.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2003  

Meet Oyster. This product is brialliant enough to get me back blogging! Yes, sorry about going AWOL but there's been so much happening in the mobile/MMS/Symbian world of late that I've only had time to update the MMSMemo blog.

Anyway back to the The Oyster. Finally a product which would really make me reconsider throwing out the desktop and using only a laptop for all my computing needs. I'd never have done this before simply because I easily get neck pains if I keep my neck bent for any length of time. I've often wondered how people can possibly use a laptop as their primary computing device - it's so un-ergonomical.

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