The 'building a business' scrapbook.

Thursday, December 26, 2002  

It's amazing how quiet the blogosphere has become during the last few days. Since I hadn't really discovered it by this time last year I had been wondering how it would behave through the Christmas holidays and had actually expected it to get busier in some respects, as it appears to me that many of my aggregated blogs are 'idle time' journals. However, it's good to see that most of their scribes seem to lead balanced lives where family time still counts :)

posted by James | 7:40 PM

I've cobbled together another blog in celebration of the great new picture (MMS) mobiles coming our way. I'm fascinated by the possibilities of these devices and how we might implement great services around instant video and still picture messaging.

posted by James | 7:29 PM

Thanks to Stephen Downes for his free javascript referrer system which lets you list the sites that sent visitors from their page to your page. "Though similar to services such as the ones described on Disenchanted, this service allows you to create the list of referrers using a single JavaScript command.

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Wednesday, December 25, 2002  

I've tested Blogmapper on another blog and it worked just fine. Seems like a terrific idea for nomadic bloggers such as Bernie Goldbach who blogs alot while on the (rail)road. Not so useful for me sadly who is rooted firmly to my dreary desktop.

posted by James | 9:55 AM